Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

College graduates are stepping into a dynamic world where people move from career to career. They need a set of skills that apply to a range of pursuits. TAK MING University emphasizes self-driven learning and leadership, and strives for the optimal balance between independence, collaboration, creativity and intellect.

In almost every course, students at TAK MING University:

  • Combine independence with group activities
  • Engage intensely with a single subject at a time
  • Work closely with their Tutor to succeed
  • Learn how to research, envision, execute and analyze
  • Learn to think past the obvious

Critical thinking

The key to understanding lies in the ability to think deeply and thoroughly. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Evaluate texts in a variety of fields
  • Analyze and break down problems
  • Understand the importance of context
  • Gather evidence and develop arguments
  • Devise solutions to complex problems


Effective communication means knowing not only how to write, but knowing how to read and how to evaluate. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Identify excellence in writing
  • Compose clear and concise prose
  • Express themselves in various disciplinary settings and genre
  • Effectively present ideas orally
  • Use visual media such as physical models or technologies
  • Listen effectively in one-on-one or group discussions
  • Learn to give constructive feedback
  • Operate well in teams, building consensus or facilitating options
  • Recognize and apply an enlightened approach to differences, from culture to gender to abilities


Issues in the complex modern world demand the ability to make connections across disciplinary boundaries. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Operate with the tools and approaches of various disciplines including the arts and humanities, social sciences, life sciences, physical sciences and mathematics
  • Form and articulate connections between disciplines, phenomena, cultures and societies
  • Bring a variety of perspectives to a single problem
  • Incorporate experiential learning into their outlooks and decisionmaking
  • Be comfortable with team-building and the role of leadership
  • Understand humanity’s effect on the natural environment


Good research is the ability to discern what is relevant and reliable and reach meaningful conclusions. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Efficiently use search mechanisms to find relevant data, opinion or scholarly work
  • Make informed judgments about the value of sources
  • Synthesize information by writing a paper, lead a discussion, or prepare a lecture
  • Identify areas of uncertainty or unexplored questions that could lead to fruitful inquiry
  • Recognize approaches to inquiry in different disciplines, and plan and execute investigations within and across disciplinary boundaries

International perspectives

We are an international community. Good global citizens respect, understand and readily work with communities outside their own. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Identify and work with the central ideas and practices of at least one culture or societal group different from their own
  • Demonstrate skills in a second language
  • Understand the importance of deliberation in democracy
  • Identify and apply their civic rights and obligations


Living an examined life means articulating beliefs and values and making decisions in a reasoned manner. These are the principles at the heart of a liberal arts education. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Give an account of their ethical principles
  • Analyze their own and others’ ethical practices
  • Use ethical principles and processes as a basis for action on global and local issues
  • Act with academic integrity, follow the TAK MING University honour principle, and justify their academic decisions

Quantitative reasoning

Being comfortable with quantitative reasoning is essential in today’s increasingly quantified world, and underlies research and analysis in an array of academic fields and industries. TAK MING University graduates can:

  • Analyze and evaluate numerical information
  • Present quantitative information effectively
  • Consider the limitations and effect of assumptions on mathematical and statistical models
  • Provide appropriate quantitative evidence in support of arguments in all disciplines

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