The Block Plan

The Block Plan

At TAK MING University, you don’t take four classes at once, and your courses don’t run for a whole semester or quarter.

Instead, you take one Block at a time, a single course that meets for three hours each weekday for about a month. The Block Plan is a major part of TAK MING University’s teaching philosophy. Among its benefits are:

  • full immersion in a single subject
  • close interaction between faculty and students
  • highly interactive classrooms
  • seminar-style learning
  • never more than 20 students in a class
  • scheduling flexibility, where students can take a Block off without missing multiple courses

A Block usually begins on a Monday and ends on the Wednesday of the fourth week. You’ll delve deeply into a topic, which may be laser-focused or pull from many disciplines. Love the subject? You get to study nothing but that for almost a month, and you’ll find related courses to build on later. Don’t like it as much as you’d thought? It’s over in 3.5 weeks. Either way, the Block Plan allows for a deep and immersive experience where you’ll work both independently and collaboratively and come out learning much more than you did.


Yin Xi Ho ‘20

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